Lauren from L Bee and the Money Tree wrote:

Michelle is a wonderful person to collaborate with. Not only does she take on extra work at a moment’s notice, but she also takes the time to craft thoughtful responses to readers comments. Michelle is always one to ask thoughtful questions when taking on an assignment, so there are no big surprises, and you receive a great finished product.

Erika from Skin Guru and Lash said:

Michelle has been a god-send! She has helped me grow my business and taken the marketing off my plate which has freed-up my time to focus more on other business needs. Michelle has an amazing talent knowing what will catch the customer’s attention and demonstrates this in the social media posts and newsletters she creates for me. Not only does she do a good job but she is also super accessible, responsive and genuinely a good person. I recommend her to all my small business owner friends because she rocks it! 🙂 

Toni from The Debt Free Divas said:

Michelle is wonderfully creative. I’ve worked with her on several social media projects. She takes the initiative to spearhead efforts and you can depend on her to provide deliverables according to established deadlines. Her work is professional and she continues to be an asset on our collaborative projects.

Tonya from Budget and the Beach wrote: 

I’ve worked with Michelle on several collaborative projects, and one thing I can count on is her level of professionalism and attention to detail. I can always count on Michelle to follow through with something she said she’d do. She’s upbeat, positive, and passionate, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her or work with her again in the future. 

Larry Fisher from the Colorado Teachers of English To Speakers of Other Languages 

I’ve been an associate of Michelle’s for a number of years at the University of Colorado Boulder.  This year she assisted our association in the planning of our annual convention for about 800 attendees.  I’ve always been impressed with Michelle’s attention to detail, thoroughness, and professionalism.  Her leadership and dependability are commendable.  I’ve always appreciated her strength to work both independently and in close collaboration with others.  

Becca Heaton from BikeLife Cities (Bike Riding Advocacy Organization)

Michelle is energetic, motivated and always looking to take on new challenges, which I appreciate. All of these characteristics make her a wonderful person to work with. She is very knowledgeable in all things social media and has a fun voice in her writing, which makes for just the right fit on the BikeLife Cities program. I would definitely recommend Michelle as a go-to person for help on anything digital or content related. 



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